Wind and Wood


There is a wood through which mists play at evening. Sometimes languidly drifting, then darting to and fro. At rare times in the quiet of night colours are to be seen amidst the mists. Emerald and purple dance and assume shapes not fit for lights to assume.

a whisper

The wind slithers through the leaves in the wood. In the heart of night the breeze shuffles the mists about, seeking to come upon lights of green and purple. Never has the wind felt them, though the lights have played upon the air at night.

There is a man in the village of Chamaiz listening to the wind search the wood. Softly the wind calls him away to seek colour in the night. Silently he goes.

a voice

A single note, pure and clear, echoes throughout the wood. As it fades Tyras finds himself in the wood accompanied by the wind. The breeze says: "this way, this way...", pushing Tyras forward incessantly. Through the wood search wind and man. Wind brushing the mists away as Tyras uses his eyes to seek out colour amidst the dark.

The wind disperses a patch of mists with a flick of its tail. Tyras spies a hint of colour. The note sound again, full and resounding. Suddenly mists encircle man and wind which the wind cannot disperse. They are made to travel the wood.

The note sounds a third time, brilliant and sustained. Instead of fading out it seems to rise beyond hearing. As it does the mists open themselves to reveal a clearing within the wood.

a shout

The mists spread around the clearing in a circle. In the center are two lights. Coloured globes of emerald and amethyst.

A note sounds as the purple light grows brighter. The note swells, as does the light, finally stretching up and out to a peak and vanishing. The green light is bright but deep, coming in with a bass tone moaning and rolling over the clearing. Thus begins a work of music composed of slowly shifting tones entwining around each other. The mists revolve to the left around the clearing. The lights dance with and within the circle. The intensity of light determines or shows the tone. Soft light for muted tones, brilliant light for clear ones. The movements of their bodies, the twisting, stretching, rolling - these are all parts of the song. At times the lights play the same tone simultaneously, one an octave raised (or lowered). Then alternating trills would dance through this space.

Just when the wind departs Tyras cannot say. He is caught up into music beyond hearing. It interacts with one subtly.

The wind leaves the wood to find another, there to harass the mists whenever able. When the music stops Tyras looks about him and sees only mists in place of the wind.

a scream

A mile or so west of Chamaiz there lies a wood which no wind ever stirs. Mists idle about the wood at evening and are at times even so bold as to venture forth by day. Sometimes, deep in the heart of night, amethyst and emerald lights dance among them.


©2004 by Daniel Kemp, from The Book of Night