You have always run through my life as a soft refrain with many variations. An aural signature which mutates as it repeats, yet always remains distinct. Endlessly weaving, endlessly touching a place within my heart.

I found you, awaiting me in the world. But it was not until my heart was torn that I would look for you. I looked to the darkened sky and there you were, in all of your resonant beauty. I cried out in the darkness and was welcomed by your darkened shadow.

In attempting to understand you, I made a mistake. I had found you "in the world", and so continued seeking you in the world.

And I found you there, in every breeze, every leaf, the rythym of the surf upon a shore under moonlight. In the stillness of a forest save for the babbling of a nearby stream, in the starlight reflected upon the still body of a lake, there you were.

And I sought you further in the world, even unto the embrace of others. And there you were as well. For you existed in the sudden gasp in a lovers ear, in the smoothness of skin, the scent of hair, the engulfing fire of orgasm and the simmering fire of the ascent thereto.

I had found you in all these things, yet was I still looking in the wrong places.

For you have always been within me, nestled close within my heart. You are the soft refrain which repeats continually, like unto the beating of this heart. The fiery core of my soul, the star that burns, evermore.

Had I not sought you within the world, I would never have found you within myself. And for this I thank you, Lady, for you have unveiled a beauty in this world to me that is often overlooked. For you are the resonant beauty inherent in all things, and burn brightest in the hearts of all.

copyright 2004 by Daniel Kemp