Welcome to Night Thoughts.

Here is where you will find excerpts from "The Book of Night" as well as some other late night writings.

I hope you will find my idle thoughts at times thought provoking, at times beautiful and at times just make you smile in remembrance. For we all share the same world beneath the stars, even though we daily inhabit vastly different worlds within our own heads.

This site will most likely always remain a "work-in-progress" as I intend to add to it as much as I can. But, alas, time is a finite commodity, as well as inspiration. So please bear with me. There are also a few small Flash files on here. So if you see a placeholder instead of an image, it may be because you either do not have the Flash plugin installed or have it disabled.

I have added a few more pages and, until I have a seperate Links page for this site I will be placing interesting sites that I have found or interesting sites that have found me below.

Daniel Kemp (dnekm)

all contents © 2004 by Daniel Kemp

Nu-light by Daniel Kemp

Cosmic Mother, Wisdom's Lovers - A site full of personal writings and two pages of Sophia links

31 Hymns to the Star Goddess by Frater Achad - I still like this little book after all of these years

Nag Hammadi Library - An indespensible site for Gnostic Literature of all kinds