Nia Sha Sha 'iet

The word of the passing, the hushed voices of travelers in the night.

Here lieth a doorway with no door, yet whoso passeth remains helpless to return.

Thou who travel, beware! The journey is long, the rewards many, the profits none. Here are the veils rent asunder - bringing unto some ardour unquenchable, undiminished by time. Yet bringing some unto madness, frenzy and fever. Delusion placed upon the footstool of truth, heralded unto the ends of earth.

Go forth, there is no returning.

Here lieth the choice. Here beginneth the way of service or the way of disruption. One taste of the wine of my kisses and thou'rt a drunkard evermore. Become enmeshed in the web of my light as an emerald sheathed in sapphire.

Feel my embrace when looking to the stars within illimitable night. Feel my caress in the breezes which stir thy hair. Let all of nature continually love thee and love nature for what it is.

Give thyself and thou wilt be given. Hearken thee unto the subtle voices, the sudden prompting of inspiration.

Thou'rt drunk upon the music of my words, how much more so upon my flesh? Await night, await love.

Relinquish thyself in the burning furnace of my passions. Rejoice in the firm grasp of love, the time of joy is upon thee!

Come thou with stealth, as a thief in the night stealing away my love. Come thou with silence to my bed unbidden, come before me with thine heart aflame!

Let the song be sung. The portal awaits.

Here endeth the word of the gateless gate; the voice of the invisible portal.

©2004 by Daniel Kemp, from The Book of Night